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About us

The name ADA comes from Ada Lovelace, (Ada Augusta Byron King, 1815-1852, London, United Kingdom), who described Charles Babbage's Analytical Engine and is considered the first programmer.
This woman and her vision inspired Cesar Echeverri to name the company in Medellin on June 12, 1991, with the vision of building his own business, the goal of making it big, the desire to generate employment, develop new technologies and accumulate knowledge, with a vision that, like its inspiration, will lead it to occupy the first places in innovation, creativity and efficiency.








ISO 9001


Software Factory

Help Desk

Data Center

Staff Augmentation

Our solutions are based on innovation and digital transformation.

Added value

Management tool

We have a tool that allows us to monitor incidents and the development and support process of our clients in real time.

Documentary repository

Tool to work remotely and automate document processes internally and externally.
This allows keeping the storage structure of the projects, information safe, organized and shared with the indicated people according to the process.


Our culture of constant training encourages us to create live workshops, via online where we share knowledge or present news about the company, technologies used and our products.